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In a medical emergency a little first aid knowledge and immediate action can save lives. This is especially true in situations where it’s not easy to call an ambulance or get to a hospital. This one-day course is designed to teach you what to do in many of the situations where people have accidents whilst on a small craft from how to resuscitate someone to how to treat minor cuts.

RYA First Aid teaches you many useful aspects of first aid, with a focus on marine-specific situations - including CPR, drowning, cold shock, hypothermia, head injury, how to control bleeding, and recognising and treating sea sickness and dehydration. In addition, calling for help and knowing how to prepare for a helicopter evacuation forms an important part of the day.
This course is useful for anyone who goes out on the water and an RYA requirement for those taking Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster™ exams. At the end of the course you will qualify for the RYA First Aid Certificate which is valid for 3 years from time of issue. RYA First Aid also fulfils the requirements for Professional skippers of small craft working within 60 miles of a safe haven, including Boatmasters, and the Senior First Aid certificate needed by offshore racers subject to ISAF's regulations on first aid training (OSR 4.08.4). The course is recommended by the MCA and HSE. 
No experience required
Instructor Ratio
Duration1 day course
Time is spent on key marine-specific situations and includes: the recovery position in a confined space, CPR, including the drowning protocol, cold shock and hypothermia from immersion and/or exposure, seasickness and dehydration, medical assistance or advice by VHF, helicopter rescue.
Ability after
Improved confidence to offer basic first aid in a range of situations you may encounter whilst at sea.

What’s Included

  • A copy of latest edition First Aid manual, which you receive on the morning of the course
  • All practice equipment
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Free parking
  • Your RYA First Aid certificate

Course Dates

We are currently only taking group bookings for this course.

If you have a group who would like to take the course, please do contact us with some suggested dates .


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